Antonia was home sick today, is feeling better now and is needing comments from YOU to keep her sane.  You will get 4 tickets tomorrow if you blog a Hey Ho out to Antonia before you go to bed tonight (Monday, Nov. 8)

You can also get two tickets if you blog a Happy Birthday to my mom who is turning 74 today.  Happy Birthday MOM!!
Thanks for making all the great cards for my mom.  I am going to give them to her tonight at her birthday dinner and I just know she'll love them.  Thanks an extra hunk to those who took my advice and included a comment about what a wonderful teacher she has for a daughter.  YOU ROCK!!

Tell mom and dad about our side word and spelling word walk.  Was it fun or what? 

Have a great evening.  It's dark already and it's only 5:00 o'clock.  Maybe I'll leave school earlier now that it is so dark.  See you all tomorrow.  Yobbie, hope you're better.  Antonia, hope you're better too.    Mrs. K