It is so bittersweet to say good bye to my 5th grade class each year.  I know you are ready to move on and that you will LOVE middle school and it will love you but it is sad that your elementary career is ending and you are moving on.  Please come see me next year.  Middle school gets out early and I'd love it if you came by and said HI and let me know how you are doing.  Good old Mrs. Kovacs will still be in the Village still teaching 5th grade and would love to hear all about your new, exciting adventures.

To my new incoming class--I am excited for you to get to 5th grade and finally be in my room.  I met most of you when you were 2nd graders in Ms. Stamson's room and we have talked about you being in 5th grade ever since.  Oh my, the time is now, it is finally going to happen.  Have a great summer and be ready to roll in September.

To all of you--get outside and play and have a GREAT summer.  Blog me.   I'd love to hear about what you are doing and what your parents thought of our class video.                                                                                    Mrs. Kovacs