I can't wait for Sunday to see who wins.  Mr. Oppenheim grew up in Baltimore so of course he is a Raven's fan.  I think I would be a Vikings fan even if I moved to somewhere else.  I hope it is an exciting game and now that I know Mr. O is such a big fan I am kind of cheering for the Ravens.  Go Ravens.

It was really fun to prank his class but I will say I think some of us got a bit carried away and so we will need to think long and hard before we can try to prank someone again.  Do you know what it means when a teacher gives you an inch but you take a mile?  That is what happened on Friday.  Ask mom or dad or grandma or grandpa what it means and tell them the story and see if you can figure it out.  Blog a comment about what you think it means and you can have 4 tickets on Monday.

Everyone who uses the real estimated pi number instead of 3 on their homework also gets 4 tickets. 

Have a great weekend, enjoy the Super Bowl, and GO RAVENS!!  [or 49ers!!]