Friday we actually did a carnival of fun math activities that celebrated what we have learned so far in this unit.  It was great to travel around the room and play with numbers.  With that said, we did not really have a new lesson that needs reinforcing so...NO HOMEWORK THIS WEEKEND IN MATH!!  Isn't that fantastic!!

Today's ticket question is two fold.  First, blog a comment about what math activity you liked the best and tell WHY you liked that one.  What about it did you like?  That's for 4 tickets.  Secondly, you can get 4 more tickets if you write a blog compliment to someone about their choice exploration presentation.  Which presentation caught your eye, made you want to know more, got you out to the store to buy stuff to try it yourself?  Compliments only, people.  

Have a great weekend.  I plan to nap and walk the dog and eat out and nap some more.  Hopefully I'll fit a movie in too.