My son John and his wife Pam had their baby on Monday, August 5th.  The baby is healthy and oh so cute and sweet.  Also very little weighing in at 6 pounds, 10 oz at birth.  The baby was 9 days early but is was perfect timing as John goes back to work already next week (he will be teaching at Hope Academy in Mpls) and Pamela just had her last day of work on August 2nd.  They told everyone all along that although the due date was Aug. 14, they intended to have the baby on Aug. 5th.  And they did!!  Wow, what a good listener that baby is.

So I'm a grandma.  Weird!  This is where you should tell me, "Wow, you don't look old enough to be a grandma!"  I better get lots of blog comments to that effect or I will be really put out! Ha Ha

So is there anything else you want to know about the baby?  I feel like I should be telling you more.  Hmm...oh, do you want to know if it's a boy or a girl?  They didn't find out a head of time so it was a big surprise to EVERYONE, even them.  My other boys were saying little jokes like "you should find out so I know if I'm going to be an uncle or an aunt!" matter what they were all going to be uncles.

Let's do a blog bet designed to see who's paying attention.  Blog whether you think it was a boy or a girl and I'll let you know if you are right or not.  Happy blogging!  Enjoy your last weeks of summer!!