Mr. Kovacs and I got an e-mail from our adoption agency on Friday asking us if we could leave for Latvia on March 6th and be in time for a court date on March 8th.  We said, "Of course!"  We will be gone roughly 2 weeks and will get to bring Vlad home with us. 

Here's what that means for you.  I will be here through our short week next week and be here for conferences on Thursday and Friday.  Then on Saturday I will spend 15 hours flying to Latvia.  On Monday when you come to school there will be a sub.  Notice that this is the day you are to have your page layout "dummy"book done so you are ready for your white book.  The sub (I think it will be Mrs. Vedoy) will have your white books and be able to give them to you as soon as your dummy book meets with her approval--been edited, pages are laid out just the way you want them, some art has been practiced and there is at least a plan for the art.  Then you have the rest of the time that I am gone to "publish" your work.  When I get back it will be so exciting to see your books nearly done.  I should be back before they are due on March 25.

We will be continuing to work on multiplication, tomorrow with double digits x doubel digits and then later in the week hundreds x ones.  Should be fun!!  Remember, practice makes perfect.

The offer for 10 tickets still stands.  What you need to have done is write an article for the morning newspaper.  Makayla's article will appear in tomorrow's paper.

See you all tomorrow.                                                     Mrs. Kovacs