16 kids from my class, several (4+) siblings a couple sets of parents and even a grandma or two showed up to the theater to watch Big Hero 6 last night.  Really fun.  I added a pic of SOME of us to the student tab.  It was hard to round everyone up as there was popcorn to be purchased, seats to find, bathrooms to use and friends to hook up with.  But we all made it in and enjoyed the show.  The November "Outing with Mrs. K" was a huge success and a really great time.  Be thinking of what we should do for December. 

Our Native American Museum was a HUGE success.  It was so fun to show off our hard work and our Village families and friends loved to see what we were working on.  Also on Friday we adapted our habitats to snow and that will be an ongoing need as the white stuff continues to fall.

Friday was a big day as we created our turkey babies as well.  They turned out to be sooooo cute!  As you would imagine some are better behaved than others.  I can't wait to start reading and writing about them and creating stories around their imagined personalities.  

Monday our student teacher, Ms Jaslow, starts her work with us.  That will be a very exciting time.  She is going to be a great addition and allow for doubling the amount of one on one time each student gets in our room.  Love it!!

Enjoy the weekend.  Get out there and play in the snow.