Tomorrow we are off to the Theatre! Going to the Theatre is a special occasion, a real treat, a privilege.  I think it is appropriate to dress up and look nice.  I know you won't believe this but I am going to wear a skirt!!  Weird!  See if you have a nice outfit to wear and then see if it doesn't feel more like a treat because you are dressed up.

We have Dylan's mom and Joe's mom going with us.  They are going to help us keep track of both our class and Mrs. Haug's class.

I just bowled and got a score of 112.  Not too bad for an old lady, huh?  I got to hear James Brown sing "I feel good" more than a few times.  It made me feel good.  Write me a comment with your high score and you can have a ticket tomorrow.

What was up with you guys not behaving for the sub?  Really?  He had to come get me to talk to you?  That's pretty disappointing and makes me feel like we need to review how to behave when a sub in in the room.  [Remember, treat them like you would your grandparent--nicer than you treat your own parents, please.]

Who is that crazy guy on the count down?  You should blog a comment about who you think it is.  What is he counting down to?  What day will that be?  Answer these questions in a blog comment and earn yourself a ticket.