People are having trouble finding the BHTQ.  It has to do with the accapella group Tonic Sol Fa and the questions are in the blog comment that starts with "How's".  Anyway, I forgot to write in that you can have an immediate trip to the prize bucket if you figure out the cost of the tickets for 11 of us to go.  Go back and check that blog and it will all make sense to you.

By the way, the concert was AMAZING!!

So, I will give you one more ticket opportunity:  blog a comment that tells how long you stayed up on New Year's Eve and tell us what you did, who was there, what you ate, what you watched on TV and more.  You can have a ticket a sentence up to 4 tickets.

Hope your books are done.  Hope the packets are too.  You will meet with your lit group one last time to have a final group discussion and wrap up the book.  Then we are moving on to a new unit in reading.  A new year, a new unit in math, a new unit in reading and a new section of social studies stuff.  It's all NEW!! 

See you Monday!  Mrs. Kovacs