What you need to know when coming back from spring break:
  1.  We will have a soft return on Monday.  The only hard thing is my math class needs to have their packet with them.
  2.  Have stories to tell/write about.
  3.  Have a good book to tell about.  Did you read over break?  What did you read?
  4.  Have a book to get cozy and read with.  We will do Read, Talk, Write on Monday and Tuesday.
  5.  We will be starting a new social studies unit.

I updated the homework page.  There are some ticket opportunities on it.

The BETTER late than never spring break challenge:

--Blog about something you did outside over spring break.  (2 tickets)
--Blog a 3 sentence report of something you watched over spring break--could be a sporting event, could be a movie. (2 t) 
--Blog about someone you hung out with over spring break.  Tell who it was, what you did, what their relationship is to you and what you like about them.  NO negative comments or you will give ME tickets.  (2 tickets)
--Call your grandma or grandpa or aunt or uncle and blog about what you learned from them.  (2)
--Email me a picture of you reading.  (2)
--Bake or cook something to share with your family. Blog about what it was and how they liked it.  (2)

Do it all and get 15 tickets tax free!!

Enjoy your break and as always, miss me because I miss you.     Mrs. Kovacs