Wow, I hope she has a safe and successful trip being a helping hand in Haiti.  We are so lucky to have her in the class since she will no doubt come back and tell us all about it.  And we'll get to see pictures too. 

Tomorrow we will read outside.  How will you prepare for that?  I am bringing something to sit on.  Wait until you see it!!   You should come prepared because we will read in the long grasses.  We will be acting out our books!!  My Side of the Mountain, Ice Girl, A Week in the Woods, and more!!  Hatchet, Brian's Hunt, all stories about surviving the elements and most of them take place in cold places.  I love love love the fort the boys found today.  They burrowed in and they were warm.  I'm coming ready, will you?

Blog a comment about what you will bring to prepare for outdoor reading and you can have some tickets.