So hockey fans, it's off to the state high school hockey tournament for the White Bear Lake Bears.  GO BEARS!!  Their first game is against Duluth East on Thursday at 1:00.  Jake will be going because he will be playing in the band.  It's his birthday and he has a concert that night--it will be a busy day!! 

In other news, I got to see Zacman and the Kliest boys play a basketball game this morning.  They were down by 10 or 12 oints but in the last 10 minutes got to within 2.  It was so exciting!  I thought they were headed for overtime just like the BEARS hockey team was last night.  They worked really hard but luck wasn't on their side today.  Very exciting game!

It still hasn't worked out to see Samantha play basketball.  When is your next game Samantha or anyone else who I have not seen yet?  Time is running out as the winter seasons are wrapping up.

Have a great weekend.                 Mrs. Kovacs