What do you think about a back to school party?  I was thinking it might be fun to invite you all over to my house for a back to school party.  We could play corn hole, foosball, ping pong, 4 square, frisbee golf, junk ball (my boys will tell you all about that), go down the slide in my house and other things.  I was thinking maybe everyone could bring an item of school supplies to donate to kids in need or maybe a can of food for the food shelf or both.  We could goof around, eat some supper and then maybe end by watching our class video from last year.  If you think that sounds fun, blog it!  I think I will invite ALL the kids that were in my class last year and the 3 or 4 new kids that will be joining us this year.

I am thinking the back to school party should be in late August but before the teachers go back to work which is a week before school starts so I'll look at a calendar and get back to you on that.  I will send out invitations in the mail.

Let me know if you think this sounds fun.  I promise, no morning work at the party!

Mrs. Kovacs