With the excitement of Halloween behind us and the thrill of Thanksgiving still weeks away, we are ready for a few solid weeks of "reality school."

Tomorrow is election day and Minnesota has a few people running for governor.  The governor is to the state as the President is to the country.  In other words, he's in charge.  Tomorrow we will vote on the job of governor in class.  Research the candidates and know what the issues are and be ready to lead a debate.  If you so this, I will reward you with a trip to the prize bucket.

This week we will be starting our new reading unit--American Stories.  We will also do some work with bones and nutrition for science and health.  Finally, we will be wrapping up both our social studies chapter 3 and math unit 2 which will both require a test.

Today was a Marvin and Jessie assembly on "Service."  Service means helping others and caring about others without receiving a money or other tangible rewards.  However, you will receive rewards like a good feeling inside and a sense of accomplishment.

For 2 tickets, write about a time when you or you and your family provided service to someone else.  Maybe you shoveled your neighbors driveway or took your neighbors dog for a walk.  Did you bring food to school for the food shelf or pennies for pennies for patients?  Blog a comment that tells what you did AND tells how you felt about doing it.

For 2 tickets write a comment about the Marvin and Jessie play and what you think it was about.  Today's BHTQ is "who was your favorite character in today's play.?" You can get even more tickets if you name the correct character--there is a right answer, right?

See you tomorrow.        Happy math pages.  Mrs. Kovacs