Mr. Kovacs left early this morning for the second trip to Latvia.  He was able to go alone and I signed a power of attorney so he could act on my behalf.  Vlad didn't have to go along this time.  There will be one more trip probably in July or August.  I will go on that one and Vlad has to go too.  We are currently fund raising to cover the last leg of this adventure like the attorney's fees, the orphanage fee, etc.  Can you believe we have to pay the orphanage close to 2000 bucs for the priviledge of them letting us raise Vlad?!  I guess we are retroactively paying for them taking care of him in the years before we even knew he existed.  Weird!!

Anyway, I will be very lonely with Mr. Kovacs gone.

We are trying to wrap things up and there are some kids who are not on track to turn their work in.  Yikes!!  3 kids actually told me straight to my face that they had filled their planner out and when I asked to see it admitted they had not filled it out at all yet. they think I have them fill it out for my benefit?  Maybe phone calls will have to go home if honesty is going to be a problem.

Only a couple of kids have signed up for the cancer walk at school.  Some 5th grade girls planned it so bring in your 5 bucs and your purple permission slip so you can join the walk.

Shrek permission slips need to be in tomorrow.             Thanks  Mrs. K