I am back from my the wedding of my niece Rachel to an Airforce Lt. named William Ray.  Her name is going to be Rachel Ray.  Do you know of another Rachel Ray?

We drove through bad bad weather on Thursday while you guys were working on your puppet shows.  How did they go?  Blog me a comment about the puppet shows as I would LOVE to hear how they went.  Then on our way home from the wedding we drove through the place where the accidents and problems were.  We saw over 40 cars and trucks in the ditch, some turned over, facing the wrong way, on their side etc.  Really looked awful!! 

My nieces' wedding was beautiful and was at the Airforce Chapel.  Cool!!  Now it is time to put the final touches on my son's wedding stuff.  His wedding is this week right after Christmas.  I can't believe I still have all the programs to make and one of the three flower girls dresses is still not done.  I'll be honest, I haven't even started the third one. 

We are getting our Christmas Tree tomorrow and we still have some shopping to do.  YIKES!!  HELP!!!  I am feeling overwhelmed.  I'll put pictures up for you when I can.  Check the site tabs.  Blog me to let me know how you are doing.  I really really really really really miss you!!