I am back but I am pretty tired.  Crossing the ocean and changing time zones is quite tiring.  I did love sharing my pictures with you today and I did have a great time but...I am jet lagged still.  Blog a comment about one of the pictures I showed you today and you can have 10 tickets on Wed, Thurs or Friday.

Tomorrow is a pretty regular day.

Thursday is a big field trip for us to the Creativity Festival.  You need to be at school by 8:00 am AND you need a bag lunch.

Friday, the 5th graders are heading over to Central to see the band and choir perform to help them decide which they want to be in next year in middle school.  Bring the slip in for this tomorrow.

IF you are a 3rd or 4th grader you need to bring in your intent to return form.  It was put in your mailboxes today AFTER you left so tell your parents to watch for it on Wednesday.

No school on Monday as it is Martin Luther King Day!!  Blog a comment that tells why we as a nation would celebrate MLK day and you can have 10 tickets up until Tuesday AFTER MLK day.