It's not that fun to be at school when you guys aren't here.  I am having fun connecting and planning with Ms. Schiele and Ms. Stamson but otherwise...not that fun.

A couple fun things coming up!  Monday we are going to do a fun I LOVE TO READ thing with Schiele's class.  They are going to wear pajamas.  Do you want to?  Wear them if you want.  In any event, wear cozy things like sweats or warm up pants.  We are going to get comfy.   Blog a comment about what you are going to wear on Monday so the other kids can make an informed decision.  Call your friends who arent' blogging.  I'll talk to kids during conferences but 9 of you don't come until Monday so...spread the word.

Tuesday we are learning outside.  That should be fun.  We will get ready for it by doing an activity on Monday afternoon.  See some of you tonight and some tomorrow.  Hope those of you who went out of town (Brianna!) are having a fabulous time.       Mrs. Kovacs