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9 more days!

Posted by Jamie Kovacs on Saturday, May 29, 2010, In : Messages from Mrs. K 

This year went way too fast.  Can it already be over?

I can't believe we had 8 kids gone on Friday.  I think parents are already ready for summer.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.

Today I mowed the front lawn and swept off all the decks and sidewalks.  I pulled some weeds too.  I really should be planting my annuals but I'm not sure I'm up for that. The boys shoveled out the dog run and put down fresh bark chips.  They also helped John put up the screen porch and put al...

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Only 12 more days of 4th grade! :(

Posted by Jamie Kovacs on Tuesday, May 25, 2010,
We just realized as a class that we only have 12 more days together.  I almost started to cry.  This year has flown by.  I guess when you have the best class in the world you just don't want it to end. 

Johnny subbed in a couple schools today and saw some of my former students.  I still miss those kids and now I have to miss you guys too.  SAD!!!   Ms Dahlem, please let me teach 5th grade next year!!

Today's ticket question has to do with the 5th grade museum we attended at the end of the day....
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Johnny, I mean Mr. K, loves you guys!!

Posted by Jamie Kovacs on Tuesday, May 18, 2010,
And I love you guys too!!  Thanks for being so fun and cute for Johnny.  He said you all worked really hard and were enthusiastic and darling all day long.  What a wonderful class I have.  Would it be ok to flunk you all and have you repeat 4th grade with me next year?  Then next year, when the year is over I can decide you are all too bright to stay back and jump you ahead to 6th grade.  What do you think?  Is it a plan?

Syndney, I hear you were quite the bundle of trouble all day long.  Of c...
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I'm Alive!

Posted by Jamie Kovacs on Sunday, May 16, 2010,
How is Joe Yo?  Was he back in school on Thursday?  I will be back tomorrow as I am GREAT now.  My throat is still a little scratcy and my nose is still a little plugged but I am WELL and will be back tomorrow.

John and Pam moved to Minnesota for the summer and arrived from Washington D.C. in the middle of the night on Saturday.  Today they have been gone all day at a family baby dedication for Pam's sister's new baby. Guess where they are going to stay for the summer?  That's right, our house...
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Mother's Day is Over, When is Children's Day?

Posted by Jamie Kovacs on Tuesday, May 11, 2010, In : Messages from Mrs. K 
When ever my kids say something like that I say, "Every day is children's day at our house."  Does that sound familiar--no Friday fun cause every day is fun in this classroom.  You get my point.

Tomorrow we will work again on our new lit circle book.  The packets will be handed out and everyone will be reminded of how to work in proper lit circle style. 

I am working hard cleaning John's room as he and Pam are moving into it for the summer.  That should be interesting.  Johnny is lots of fun a...
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Tomorrow: Science, Ms. Steele and the Bank Lady

Posted by Jamie Kovacs on Wednesday, May 5, 2010,
That sounds like a good book title.  Tomorrow will be a mixed up day but how fun is that?  We need to find time to get our craft in too.  We need to bring glass jars to school.  Yikes!!  I just realized I need to get some pretty tissue paper before tomorrow.

Gotta run.  Gotta hit the store.
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Pi r good

Posted by Jamie Kovacs on Tuesday, May 4, 2010, In : Messages from Mrs. K 
You know the old pi r squared no pie are round joke?  Try and explain that one to mom and dad tonight.

I am still accepting entries in the pi chain for 5 tickets a piece.  We can keep doing that until we have all of pi typed in.  When would that be?  Blog me an answer to the question "How many digits is the real pi number" and if you are right you can have 10 tickets!!

Have fun searching for tonights secret number.

Mrs. K
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All About Me

Jamie Lyn Kovacs I am married to John Kovacs and have 5 sons, John age 33, Jim age 31, Joe age 28, Jake age 26, Vlad age 23. I also have 3 grandchildren, Jack and Lydia, who are the kids of my oldest son and his wife, and Baby Kennedy who is the newborn of my second son and his wife. The older kids are 5 and 2. My family lives in White Bear Lake. ____________My son John is married and lives in Turkey with his wife Pamela and son Jack and daughter Lydia. Hey, that makes me a grandmother--yikes! John is a teacher too. A couple years ago he taught at White Bear Lake but for the last couple years he's been teaching social studies to middle school kids at Hope Academy in Minneapolis. He also has taken classes at a seminary. He wrote a book called "The Historia" which you can buy on He was a hockey player and played college hockey at Bethel. His wife is a lawyer worked at a big law firm in Minneapolis. Cool! Hey, guess what. I am a lawyer too!! This will be my 13th year teaching as I practiced law for over 15 years. Teaching is way more fun!! Now they are living in Turkey and simply trying to learn the language and make connections. This year my son will be teaching high school world history at an international school. __________My son Jim lives in Blaine with his wife Courtney. They both graduated from Winona State where they were star pitchers on their baseball and softball teams. Jim graduated from St. Thomas School of Law. He clerked for a judge and now he works for a law firm in Golden Valley. His wife graduated from Des Moines University Medical School where she studied to be a physical therapist. She works for Twin Cities Orthopedics. You can check out pictures of their wedding on the summer vacation tab. __________My son Joe graduated from Moorhead State. He, like his brothers was a good athlete and loved sports. He also is a great singer and performer and was Danny Zuko in Grease, Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, and Curly in Oklahoma--all in WBL high school. He has a teaching license and did some long term subbing in WBL most recently at Hugo Elementary School. Next he worked at Infinite Campus training teachers on software that his employer makes. He got to travel all over the United States. He is married to Emily, and there are pictures of them you can check out on the vacation tab as well. Emily is a pharmacist for CVS in Targets. They just moved to Washington DC so he could attend George Washington University and get an MBA. __________My son Jake graduated from University of Minnesota with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. He is a superstar in math. He was a TA for a professor in the computer science department. He really likes to golf and was on the White Bear Lake golf team. He worked at Gem Lake so if you ever golf there, you may have seen Jake. Do you like golf? As soon as he graduated he started working full time at a company that writes online computer games. He spends his day writing code to create games. He loves that kind of writing, do you? He taught many of my students to write code in Scratch. _________Vlad officially became our son in June of 2010 although we have loved him since we met him a couple years before that. We traveled to his homeland, Latvia, 3 times to make him ours. He has been living with us since March of 2010. He graduated from WBL High School too. He traveled to China with the high school a couple years ago and wants to go back. Can you believe that you can travel with your classmates and friends when you are in high school? He is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. He spent a semester in Seoul, S. Korea in a study abroad program through River Falls. We will officially be empty nesters. _________My husband John works for Collins Electrical Company as a project manager but he is amazing with computers. He set up this web site for me!! Thanks John. He is the IT guy for my mom, his parents, and our whole family!! My husband and I have a cute teddy bear puppy who is 1 and a half years old. He is very spoiled.

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