And it turns out I'm pretty good at it!  Who knew?  You guys were good at it too.  It seems like a pretty fun sport and I'm going to ask Vlad if he wants to join next year.  He just might like it.

Good luck, I mean "Break a Leg" to those of you who are in the play.  I wish I could go again, it was so good.  I can't wait to hear all about it on Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend and your day off on Monday.  Did anyone find out about President's Day?  I remember Alec Aikins finging out it started out as a celebration of George Washington's birthday and then they wanted to add Lincoln but they are so close together so...then in 1968 they agreed to combine it to one day and celebrate ALL presidents' birthdays.  Do you remember why the apostrophe goes after the S?  Blog me the answer and get 6 tickets.  Blog some more info on Presidents' Day and you can go straight to the prize bucket.  

Hey, did anyone notice the new pic of Yobbie at Hugo?  Check the student tab.  See ya Tuesday.