What a day.  First, we were pranked by Rachel Miller when she claimed to have found a note on the classroom floor that appeared to be from Ms. Dahlem saying that I had to divide my class prize bucket between all the girls and not give out any prizes to the boys.  Weird.  Then, Maddie had some donut seeds for healthy donuts (that was the dead give away that this was a prank) that said on the seed package that you needed to plant them in your yard on April 1.  Too bad we have so much snow.  Then, Mrs. Solensky planted a walky talky in our room and kept ringing it.  So we had no choice but to claim the turkeys had returned and totally mess up her room with colorful paper balls and scraps of paper.  She had no choice but to pull all our desks out into the hall while we were at lunch still.  So we had no choice but to kidnap her Mother Goose and we are currently holding her for ransome. 

What a day!

In our spare time we put Vikings notes in Mr. Bock's room, planted a cell phone in Kronebush's and Case's, stuck Twins notes up in Mr. Weismanns, took a spelling test, started reading a new lit circle book, created a power point, mastered four digit by one digit division and listened to read aloud.   

What a day.

For an immediate trip to the prize bucket answer this BHTQ that has to do with Mother Goose.  Who is the real "Mother Goose" and why do you think Mrs. Solensky has a statue of her in front of her door?  Blog your answers.

For 4 tickets post a blog about what you think we should require of Mrs. Solensky's class in order to get their statue back.