Today seemed to just blow by--literally as well as figuratively.  Sometimes I feel like we can't even catch our breath.

A couple of reminders:    Get your planner signed every day!
                                    You should have your Akiak packet and math homework sheet 3 turned in.  If not, they're late.
                                    Your Garden Packet work will be due soon.  Be sure you are caught up--is your limerick done.

Parents--thank you so much for all the wonderful prizes you've been sending in.  The prize buckt is brimming with funtastical things which really makes ticket drawings fun.  Also, there will be 2 pieces of editing work you'll need to help with this week.  First, the kids limericks need to edited.  A limerick needs to have 5 lines, with lines 1,2, and 5 rhyming with each other and having 8 syllables.  Each line needs to end at the rhyming word--this is really hard for the kids.  They want to write it like prose and don't bother to stop and make a new line in stanza form.  Also, lines 3 and 4 need to rhyme with each other and have only 5 syllables.  My example to the class was this:

                           The Rose

        There once was a rose that did stink,
        It still was a beautiful pink,
        But oh it did smell,
        I heard my mom tell,
        But she said it with a smile and a wink.

The other piece that will need editing is a personal narrative.  We will be starting it tomorrow and bringing it home for editing on Thursday and Friday and then the final copy will be due on about Tuesday of next week.

Now for the good stuff--extra credit.  The Krypto will be worth 3 tickets and there will be 3 additional tickets to every kid that comments on the blog page tonight.

Happy blogging.

Mrs. K