Check out the student tab and see a picture of Antonia in the hospital.  She looks pretty cheerful, all things considered.
Check out the summer vacation tab.  I finally added a few of Kayla's awesome trip pics from the summer.  I will add some Wargo ones soon.

Today's math caused a few headaches in the room.  I am excited to see how the homework turns out.  A few kids really got it, a few more kind of got it and a few had headaches.  We will practice some more.  In fact, here's one now: 
7h + 5h - h = 33   solve for h

Keep in mind the order of operations and the fact that h is the same as 1h.  Bring in the solution tomorrow morning and you can have an immediate trip to the prize bucket.  Blog a comment that gives others advice on how to approach this problem and you can have 4 tickets.  Think about why you can add these and what the problem is really saying.  Read it out loud if it helps.  Something like "I have seven of these and the I get 5 more of these and then I lose one of these."  what are they?  The are h's!!

I hope Antonia is doing well.  I'm sure you all do too.  Let her know that.  I am going to stop in and see her tomorrow or the next day, we'll see.  I'll deliver all the cards you made and stuff like that.

See you tomorrow.      Mrs. Kovacs