What a nifteroony day!  We talked about poetry and the fun of making up coolisous new words.  We talked about how fabulously fun and fantastic it is to fool around with alliteration.  We played with some limmericks and discovered how really silleroony and hilarious they can be. Tomorrow we are going to start our own limmerick and in keeping with our Garden theme our favorite flowers will be the stars.  Coolio!!

We worked on arrays in math (finally) and discovered the commutative property of multiplication.  Tomorrow we will multiply our knowledge some more!!

We finished Akiak and all agree it's a really great story.  It's so nice that it has a happy ending.  More packet pages were assigned and we talked about complete sentences.  But were you really listening?

The heart to heart we had about the classes chattiness paid off and everyone had a much more productive day.  I did compliment the class on their kindness and empathy and the way they support each other throughout the day.  This is a group with a collective BIG heart.  How can I not just love them!!

For 5 tickets, write down the homecoming button slogan and explain what it means.  You can find it elsewhere on this website. 

See ya tomorrow.