Things are moving right along in 2505.  Yesterday we had our second Marvin and Jessie Show that featured the one, the only, Jamie L. Kovacs in a starring role as blue pig.  Blue pig had a thing or two to learn about resolving conflicts and at one point even lashed out at a poor, little girl scout telling her her uniform was ugly.  Shocking, really. Still, in the end blue pig learned that the best way to resolve conflict is to talk it out, state your postition calmly using "I" messages, and then work it out.  From the conversations in class today it seems the students in blue pigs class,  I mean, Mrs. Kovacs' class, really understood the message.

The personal narrative was due today.

The Vikings won last night and with a little luck, the Twins will win tonight.  For a ticket, come to school tomorrow and report the score to me right away.

Finally, be sure and check the comments section tonight as I am feeling a bit generous and will no doubt have another way for you to earn some tickets.

See ya tomorrow!!     Mrs. K