The first one of my entire 7 year teaching career!  The last time WBL had a snow day was around 8 years ago--my son Jim was a senior at the time.  I remember it because there was a kid named Scott Meslow who's dad was on the school board and who knew the then Superintendent, Dr. Blaesing.  Well the story goes that he whined to Dr. Blaesing all the time about how he really really really wanted a snow day as he had never had one during his entire WBL HS career.  Well, Dr. Blaesing called off school and made a phone call to the powers to be to make it happen.  Then he made a second phone call.  He called the sound asleep Scott Meslow (it was about 5 o'clock in the morning) to say, "Happy snow day, Scott, this one is for you!"

Get outside and play in the snow.  I might try to go shovel the rink so we can get 1 more day out of it before it warms up on Thursday.  Our March pond pic needs to be snowy!!  Play, read, play, read today.  Love the snow.