It seems that today was super exciting.  Kids were exhuberant all day long.  I love enthusiasm but we do need to tone it down a bit or we will all collapse before the year is over.  I wonder if the problem was too much contact with other 5th graders.  Hmmm...I hope this science thing works out.

Thanks for all the reminders posted on my desk this morning.  That really did help.  Mr. Hansen helped me too by bringing me some curriculum night sheets to send home with you.  Don't forget to give mom and dad the letter you wrote them telling them to come to curriculum night at school.  Remember, it is tomorrow at 6.

Today's ticket question has to do with science.  Blog a comment that relates to variables and constants and you can have four tickets.  Tell what they mean or explain by using an example (like the sunflower I used today) or tell what other forms of the word mean and the root word etc.  Your choice.

I really love the colorful morning work but from now on the only reward you will get for coloring your work will be intrinsic--in other words the joy you feel inside from a job well done.  No more extrinsic rewards for colorful morning work--no more tickets.  You'll live.

Have a great night.  Tomorrow we start VOCAB books in a big way.  I cut cards for over an hour yesterday.  I'm ready.