Teacher's had a meeting tonight after school that went until 6:00 so I couldn't get the homework up any sooner than this.  Sorrry!!  Remember, some of the homework is written in your planner and your planner needs to be marked by your parents in 3 places.

We are working on our descriptive writing in connection with creating our own Halloween Stories for the big day Friday.  Congratulations to Alec who came in with the most oxymorons today.  He had some great ones.  He said they are on the comments of this blog--check it out.  All I know is that my monster is pretty ugly and Alec's monster likes to eat jumbo shrimp.

Our room is becoming more and more chatty.  Perhaps there is something gastly and goulish in the ghostly air.

Have a great night.  2 tickets to any person who can tell me in a comment what time this message was posted. 

Mrs. K