Today we talked in writing workshop about how to write an interesting story--add a conflict, resolve it, use conversation--have someone say it rather than tell it.  We read "Olive, the Other Reindeer" and talked about how Olive used his special talents and skills to save the day for Santa just like Rudolph did even though their skills are very different.  Cool to think about as we prepare to write our stories.  Today we wrote a pre-writing story summary and glued it into our way cool reindeer booklet.  It's so fun when all 26 of them jingle all the way!

Today's BHTQ has to do with the display out in the hall.  If you blog a comment telling what the display is about and how you feel about our work being displayed in the hall you will get 4 tickets.

I will give 10 tickets AND an immediate trip to the prize bucket to anyone who can figure out what it is that determines whether Silly Tilly Williams likes something or not.

Jordan, hope you are back tomorrow.  We missed you.

Mrs. Kovacs