Remember, I am writing to you from Alaska today.  It is 10:30 your time but only 7:30 here.  So we got tickets for the cheapest way here and that brought us to Salt Lake City, UT first, then on to Seattle, Washington and finally Anchorage, AK.  Here's the problem--when we got to Salt Lake City (which really isn't on the way) and switched planes, the new plane was full so we had to turn over our carry on luggage to the guys on the plane.  Well, to make a long story short, when we got to Alaska our bags were NOT there.  Not sure why but they didn't bother to send them along with us.  Grrr...I was really stressed because my scarf that I love (you know, the lacy ruffly one) is in that bag.  (Rachel--luckily my boots were not so I had them with me the whole time!)  But John just left right now to go get it so hopefully all is right with my Alaskan adventure again.

Some cool things I've noticed already--it's still dark here.  In fact, Joe says it won't get light until 9:30 am.  Then, it will get dark by 4 so we have to hurry and see all that we can see in those short hours.  I have also noticed that they love their stuffed animals--real stuffed animals.  The airport had a nature scene full of them.  There were several polar bears, some wolves and some other things.  Blog a comment telling what you call the professional who stuffs real animals after they die and you can have a trip to the prize bucket.  

Preston--remember PPP and the Mrs. Jones deal.

Have fun in phy. ed today.  Tell Doebler HI from me.  I will try to get some pictures on my page--what do you think, a new tab or students or summer vacations or where?

Have a great day.  Live up to my expectations.  I know you can do it.          Mrs. Kovacs