I hope Alec makes a glog page from his trip to Washington state.  He can put on some pictures of himself with his new cousin.

I hope you all remember to show mom and dad your mid term report.  They were mostly all really good as most of you are doing great work.  Keep up the great effort, all I ask is that you give it your best shot!  Well, I actually love it when I am wowed and kids go above and beyond and exceed what is expected of them.  Don't you?

Finally, next week is Valentine's Day (or the closest school day we'll get to it).  Be sure and remind your dad's and step dad's and grandpas and brothers that the women in their loves no doubt love a good Valentine!  Valentine's Day is kind of a girl holiday and we girls love to get pink, pretty, sweet, and sparkely things on that day.  You can help out the men in your lives by reminding them of this so they can look good in the eyes of their true loves.

Have a fun weekend.  5 tickets to every one who blogs a compliment to a classmate over the weekend.     Mrs. K