And not the computer guru kind either.  This classroom sounds awful right now.  There are about 7 kids and one teacher who are hacking. It's just plain cough, cough, cough, all day long in here.  A couple kids have succumbed to it and I know I have lost the battle.  Home sick with body aches, a fever, a sore throat (not strep, went to the dr. to check that), and a cough that hurts!  Yikes!  Today I had to miss Vlad's award ceremony at South Campus which makes me really sad.

Tomorrow we are playing softball and doing more math review.  LOVE IT!!  Some of the math review will be done outside while you are watching the other half of your class play softball.  That will be a pleasant way to get some math done.  I am staying home again tomorrow and Mrs. Vedoy will be your sub.  I love her.  She will make sure you do your math practice.  We test on MONDAY!!  That's so soon!!!

Blog me a comment to let me know how you did on the MAP reading test--don't tell your number or anything just tell whether you met your goal, exceeded your goal, or got close to your goal.  I will give you 10 tickets for that info.

Have a great day tomorrow.