The first "Outing with Mrs. K" was a huge success.  There were 15 kids there from our class as well as many many siblings, parents, and grandparents.  It was so much fun to see you guys outside of school!  Was it fun to meet Vlad and my husband?  What a respectful, darling group of kids you were at the movies.  I am proud to be your teacher.

Check out the STUDENT tab.  I spend about 2 hours this weekend adding pictures and comments to the student tab.  I also deleted a bunch of last year's stuff.  The stuff I left is for your information (FYI).  Blog a comment about why I might have left some Long Lake pics on the tab and you can have 4 tickets on Monday.

Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, trees, and sunshine.  Come ready to work outside next week.  It is time for us to kick the outdoor classroom into gear.  Also, I know I owe you 30 mn of time to work ON the habitats.  Monday is the day.