On our "noticing nature" walk today we noticed some NOT nature garbage is piled up all over the sidewalk and boardwalk.  Tomorrow we are going to do a bit of community service and pick that up.  We will be trash monsters.  If you think to grab some target bags to hold trash, that would be great. 

It's time for a new word ladder.  It seems we've come up with a lot of words from the letters of procrastination already so lets move on.   The new letters are:
       vowels:   e  a  a  i  o              consonents:  d  c  l  r  t  n

Have at it.  Let's go with an easier scoring method:  2 tickets for every clue you write and 3 for every word you solve from someone elses  clue.  But you have to be the first one to solve it.  Have a great night.    Mrs. Kovacs