Great news everyone!  Joe is going to be fine.  After spending all day having tests, we met with 3 doctors.  They all agree that although Joe's heart is leaking, it is not major at this time.  He has a minor leak in his aortic valve and some day, probably way off in the future, he will need the valve replaced.  But for now, he's good to go!  He may even be an old man when this happens.  We are so happy and so relieved.  He will need to go to the Minneapolis Heart Institute every year to have an echocardiogram and an MRI but unless there's a change, no further action.  Yeah!!!!!
Hope you had a great day.  If you write a comment on this blog and summarize what you did in school today I will give you five tickets.  Then, if you can write in the note what one of the tests was that Joe had, I will give you another two tickets.  That's seven tickets!!