Today was one of those perfect days where everything fell into place and I was proud to be your teacher.  First, you handled the discussions on how to be nice to each other very well and had good ideas on how we should treat each other.  Second, you did a fantastic job reflecting on our reading centers and how we can improve them.  You gave it thoughtful consideration and came up with good ideas to improve our work.  I can't wait until next week when we implement some of your ideas.  I think it will be wonderful.  Also, you shared your ideas respectfully and thoughtfully in a group discussion and maintained that level of work when Ms. Dahlem stopped in for a few minutes.  WOW!!

Then, you were able to find your quiet self in the hallways.  Then, you ran a respectful, generous artist trading fair.  The younger kids really look up to you guys and today you gave them a reason to.  I was so proud of you.

Finally, what a wonderful opportunity we had to "break bread together" on our homemade placemats around the tables in our room.  It was such a heart warming experience.  You were all grateful and respectful and I was honored to be part of your group.  I just love it when you guys behave this way--so grown up and mature and ready for responsibility.  I wish your parents could have been there--they would be so proud of you.  Be sure and tell them I said you were appreciative and grateful and complimentary and perfect ladies and gentlemen.  Again, WOW!

Have a great weekend with family and friends.  Blog me so I know how you are doing.    Keep checking the student tab as I will post a few of the pictures from our classroom Thanksgiving Taste Fest as soon as I can.  I love you guys.   Mrs. Kovacs