This year went way too fast.  Can it already be over?

I can't believe we had 8 kids gone on Friday.  I think parents are already ready for summer.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.

Today I mowed the front lawn and swept off all the decks and sidewalks.  I pulled some weeds too.  I really should be planting my annuals but I'm not sure I'm up for that. The boys shoveled out the dog run and put down fresh bark chips.  They also helped John put up the screen porch and put all the furniture in it.  Tonight I plan to sit in it.  Ahh...summer is here.

Tomorrow we are going to a wedding reception in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin so I won't get anything done.  Monday I plan to relax, maybe plant, and help John pack up for Latvia.  I am glad he is willing to go and let me off the hook.  He will be gone from Tues to Friday only.  He will spend just about all his time FLYING!!  Yuck.

Tuesday we will finish the social studies presentations and then start the West Unit.  Our wrap up is going to be a glog page on your favorite state.  You will need to know what region it is in, what the capitol is, what the natural resources are, what the climate (weather) is like, what the landforms are in that state (mountains, coastal plains etc.).  I will not require a movie.  The very coolest part is that I am going to sign us up for the new lap top mobil labs that come to our room.  I am so excited to try them!!!  Please try to remember your glog log in info between now and then.  I am really excited to try the new mini lap tops.

The next 9 days will be fun.  I love the Ogre study and the lap tops and the math spinners and fairness games.  It's all good stuff.  We aren't going to want it to end :(

See ya Tues.  Mrs. Kovacs