Will we have a Valentine's Day party?  Remember, it's up to you!  We need to have 50% of the class blog a comment regarding Valentine's day, how it came to be, what it's for, and party ideas before we can have a party.  I wonder it it will happen?

Also, IF we are going to have a party, AND you want to bring mail boxes to receive Valentines in, we should talk about that.  What will your special box look like?  Do you want a contest to see who has the 1. prettiest 2. sturdiest 3. most unique 4. most original 5. overall coolest box?  Prizes in those 5 areas?  

The recipes were WONDERFUL.  Thanks to the girls who brought in a taste test for me.  The oatmeal scotchies were wonderful as were the butterscotch chip bars.  YUM!!  I need to have that assignment more often!!!

Today's ticket question has to do with math.  What was your favorite recipe that you heard about from a classmate and why?  Will you try to find it and make it?  Answer those questions and get 4 tickets tomorrow.