Kids have 4 days off.  WHAT???

Noah, how's the Grand Canyon?

Here's the 10 ticket challenge:  Do 4/5 of these things and earn the tax free tickets.

1.  Bake brownies or cookies or something yummy.  Blog a comment telling what you made, with whom you made it and who ate it.
2.  Play a board game or other NON tech dependent game with family and blog a comment telling what you played and who won.
3.  Do a job you don't usually do WITHOUT being asked.  Walk the dog, empty the dishwasher, take out the garbage, make your mom and dad's bed, what ever would be helpful but is not usually your job.  Blog what you did.
4.  Play outside at least 3 of the 4 days that you have off.  Blog what you did.
5.  Eat popcorn or ice cream.  Blog which one you picked and tell what kind, who else ate it, and how much you ate.

Enjoy your time off.  I will see you Tuesday.  Remember, we will be heading to Cerenity on Tuesday.  

Mrs. Kovacs