So we have 30/40 or 3/4 or .75 or 75% of the fraction books turned in.  How do you feel about that?  They were due on Thursday and today is Friday so...we still have 11 people who need to turn them in.  Once we have them we are going to have a library of fraction books for people to read.  That will be a fun math day!

So what is next for us in math?  I am torn about what to do.  Should we go off book for a bit and do some more problem solving and extension activities or should we plow through with another geometry unit first?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Most of you did really well on your math tests and can be really proud of your work on fractions, decimals, % and portions and pieces of things.  Way to go people!!

Have a great weekend.  The weather is supposed to be lovely and I can imagine you should get outside.  I am committed to getting us outside next week in this room.  Another set of decisions to make!!

Enjoy your weekend.   Mrs. Kovacs

Ticket question:  what classroom activity should we do outside next week?  It will have to happen at the 12:40 time so think small--cursive writing?  Life journal?  choice reading?  Read aloud?  Hmm....ladies, we could throw our airplanes outside.  6 tickets to every person who writes a blog comment answering this question.