Bag lunch needed tomorrow if you are a 3rd or 4th grader.  You are going to Orchestra Hall and you will be missing lunch and recess completely.  Remember a bag lunch!!

5th grade you are staying here.  You will have business as usual for lunch and recess.  The only change in your life will be that you will have math first thing in the morning as I will be going to Orchestra Hall with the other kids.  You will learn what it must have felt like for the 3rd and 4th graders when you went to Deep Portage.  

Today's ticket question has to do with your exploration.  Blog a brief description of what you are exploring and how it is going and tell us an ah ha you've had while working on this and you can have 6 tickets tomorrow morning.  Also, anyone who wants to buy the classroom some supplies, my ticket roll is getting small.  They have tickets at Target and Party City for sure.  If you get your parents to donate a roll of tickets, I will give you 20 right off the top!!

Have a great evening. See you tomorrow.