Are you ready for a new year?  Make sure you say good bye, see you next year to everyone you won't see again until Friday.  That always throws them for a loop and it's kind of fun to do.  Ticket task:  say "See ya next year" to someone and then blog who it was and how they reacted to it and you can have 10 tickets on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, that is only a week away.  Vacation is flying by.  I do miss you guys though and am already planning what we will do next week for fun and for learning.  I will run stream tables with Stonehouse's kids and you will wrap up environments with Storehouse.  That will take care of the afternoons of week one.  I have a fun exploration based on the song "Maybe This'll Be My Year" by Train. It involves a ginormous time line by me and a research paper by you.  Then, as usual, you will share what you learned so as to enlighten everyone about everything!!  That will take us about 2 weeks or so.  We will also think about the song, "This is your life, are you who you want to be" by Switchfoot.  Based on our discoveries about ourselves we will make some resolutions in our life journal.  We will start by doing a thinking map about us.  Then we reflect on what we discover about ourselves and then goal set from there.  That will be our 12:40 time slot.  Finally, we have a new read aloud book to get to called "The Lessons of the Game" which is ok, but not as good as The Historia.

Speaking of the Historia, big news!  The first 100 pages of book 2 already exist!  Should be try to talk Johnny into coughing them up or do you want to wait until the whole book 2 is done?  Blog your answer.  I kind of want to see what is coming next.  100 pages is pretty good.  I want to know.  Do you?

I changed the Krypto for Robbie and Hannah.  Keep up the blogging.    Mrs. Kovacs