Happy New Year!!  Hope you all had a great vacation and are ready to come back to school and get right to work.

Feel free to check out the fun Long Lake pics on the student tab.  The kids are shopping through over 300 photos to create a photo story book on the computer.  If they bring in a flash drive or a disc we can copy their project onto it and they can bring it home to share.  They are really fun to watch.

We have many things to turn in:  holiday brainwork, holiday  math review, Dec. reading calendar, Dec. reading project, word work from before we left for Long Lake.  There will be time to work on it tomorrow but it was really due today.

We are moving on to fractions and decimals and some of us percents too!!  Portions of things are so much fun. We will also be working on social studies and getting new reading projects.  Lots of fun things coming up.