What are you going to do?

So it's pretty cold, or we'd be in school, so my usual, "Get outside and play!" won't really work.  But I do have a few ideas for your inside enjoyment.  IF you blog about doing these things you can have tickets as listed.

1.  Call and visit with your grandma or grandpa.  As a grandma I know how much grandma's love to talk to their grandkids.  Blog a comment about what you and your grandparent talked about and you can have 4 tickets.

2.  Bake cookies!  Of course, you should do this with your mom or dad or grandma or grandpa or....an adult or older person helper.  10 tickets IF you email me a picture of your cookies.

3. Write a letter to someone you love who lives far away.  Do the envelope and get it ready to mail.  4 tickets.

4.  Get someone else to blog a comment on this site.  It can be your mom, your dad, your grandma...you decide.  For EVERY person besides you that you get to blog, you can have 4 tickets.  Make sure they mention you in the blog comment.  

5.  Do a puzzle that is 100 pieces or more.  Take a picture and email it to me...6 tickets.

6.  Make homemade valentine cards for classmates.  You have 26 of them.  And it will be sooo nice to have them done ahead of time, right?   4 tickets if you blog a comment telling about what you made.

7.  Go around your house and put sweet notes on the pillows of ALL your family members.  10 tickets if you blog a comment saying how they liked them when they found them.

8.  Remember that we will have MAP testing pretty much all day Thursday as we will need to finish it up.  To that end, blog a comment giving a few test taking strategies or tips and you can have 2 tickets for every tip you come up with.

9.  Play with your pet for AT LEAST 10 mn straight.  Blog what you did when you played with him or her or them and you can have 6 tickets.

10.  Make your bed and clean up your room.  Why not?  You have time.  It will make mom and dad soooo happy.  IF they send me an email or a blog comment telling me you did this you can have 10 tickets.

Enjoy this time.  Read like crazy as it is read a thon month so think of the minutes you can get outside of school since there is no school.

See you Thursday.  Be ready for testing.  You got this.  Know that I miss you.          Mrs. Kovacs