Today was a really fun day in room 2505.  Kids--thanks for the smiles and hard work.  We took a step back and spent some time exploring our planner and figuring out how that whole thing works.  What do you think guys--is it more clear now?  We worked on math strategies for addition and tomorrow we move on to subtraction.  We read a fun poem and wrote it in cursive writing.  We wrote a Hopes and Dreams book which we will look at again in December and then again in May. We had a great discussion about learning styles and tried to accomplish a get to know you activity 3 different ways--teacher lead, small group lead and individual lead. 

Poor Katalin has a cast on her broken ankle but she has been a trooper and the rest of the class has been fantastic at chipping in and helping her out.  Way to go kids!!

I'm excited to come back and see you all again tomorrow.  Have a great evening.

Mrs. K